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Our CEO Roseline was born & raised in Nigeria, in a large beautiful Igbo family. As a highly skilled Professional Midwife , Loving Wife & Mother , she decided that she wanted to create a natural skin care product that would suit ALL skin types - for men & women of all nationalities , around the world. After studying & furthering her education , she created a beautiful line of natural skin care products. FLAWLESS Empire Organic Skincare was born. In November 2020, Flawless Empire Organic Skincare was launched in Australia. Our owners in Sydney worked tirelessly to reach out to the beautiful & diverse African community throughout Australia. Day by day we have continued to grow & learn what our Australian clients want to achieve with their skin & to understand their skincare needs. Many of our clients are amazed at their results after they use our products. We only use the very best natural ingredients. We do not cut corners. We believe in quality products to give our Clients the best outcome - Beautiful FLAWLESS skin . ALL skin is unique so we are realistic that our skincare range may not suit everyone & we take all feedback onboard. We truly believe that YOUR skin is OUR Business. We strive to provide exceptional products, exceptional customer service & attention to detail. We also understand that there is always room for growth, improvement & change. We do not buy followers . We do not make false claims about our products . Real clients . Real results . You can only purchase our products through us . Thank you for being on our journey with us , we appreciate & value all of our Clients, Followers, Family & Friends. Flawless Empire Organic Skincare X

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