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No, our products are all natural made from fresh & quality produce.

PLEASE STOP USING THE PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY . Please contact us on our official Whatsapp +61 466 881 307 & use the word URGENT. Your skin is very important to us – if something doesn’t feel right SPEAK up about it – you know your body! Or text us on +61 466 881 307 with the word URGENT – we will respond to you within 48hours or earlier if possible

Our skin care products are all organic – we have many clients who tell us they have sensitive skin & they are using some of our products. Its important to remember that not all skin is the same – what works for you may not suit someone else.

No, our products do not contain bleach or harsh chemicals that damage the skin so you will not get stretch marks, dark spots or chemical burns from our products.

At Flawless Empire Organic Skincare , we love skin! Your skin is our business. We recommend that our clients STOP using any other brands skin care products on their skin when they start using or products. That way you will know if OUR products are working on your skin. Additionally, mixing different brands lightening products can actually damage the skin. We have no idea what ingredients these other brands are using.
*** If a client is adamant they want to continue using the other brands products , we would prefer NOT to sell our products to them , purely because we would prefer the client to continue to use the other brands products. We are more than happy to sell to them should they decide to buy products at another time if they are happy to abide by our recommendation regarding this matter ***

No, our products are made for Flawless Empire Organic Skincare Nigeria by our CEO Roseline who makes the products in Nigeria. Our products are made specifically for our clients according to the size of our order & shipped to Australia exclusively for Flawless Empire Organic Skincare Australia.

No, Flawless Empire Organic Skincare Australia is only affiliated with Flawless Empire Organic Skincare Nigeria, where ALL products are made by CEO Roseline & shipped to Australia EXCLUSIVELY. There is no other retailer or skincare company selling Flawless Empire Organic Skincare outside of Nigeria or Australia. Our products are ONLY available on our official website, official IG account & our official Whatsapp + 61 466 881 307.

No, like any thing in life, good things take time, patience, discipline & consistency. We recommend that our clients lighten gradually. We want to look after your skin. Our clients have told us they see a difference in their skin within 2 weeks of using our products ( and using the instructions we send them about the particular product). We liken it to teeth whitening. Teeth whitening takes time – you may choose to use different toothpastes, home teeth whitening kits or you may go to a dentist for years for maintenance & upkeep. If you stop going, eventually your teeth will go back to their original shade.

We would recommend that you use our FLAWLESS BODY CORRECTOR SHOWER GEL for approx. 4 – 5 weeks BEFORE you use any of our lightening sets. This will ensure that your skin tone is even all over your face & body before you start lightening. We want to make sure you have a good foundation to work with & clear skin. YOU will know when your skin tone looks clear, even & fresh – you will know when your skin is ready to start its lightening process.

It is important that your skin tone is EVEN ALL OVER YOUR FACE & BODY – it is important for you to fix your sunburn / dark spots & discolouration on your face BEFORE you start to lighten the shade of your skin. Its best to be patient & wait for your skin to be healed & even before you start to lighten

Yes! At Flawless Empire Organic Skincare, we love ALL skin types. Just like clothes companies, we have many products to suit ALL skin types, ages & skin tones.( If you are unsure about anything or do not know where to start , please contact us on or official Whatsapp +61 466 801 307, our official IG account @flawless.empireorganicskincare & we will respond to you within 48hours.)

No – we have decided as a business not to do face to face sales. All of our products are express posted via Australia Post. Any products purchased over the weekend are express posted out on the following Monday.

No – once Flawless Empire Organic Skincare takes your products to Australia Post & you are issued an Australia Post Express Post Tracking Number, your product is now in the hands of Australia Post. We have no control over Australia Post or their deliveries. In the case that your products go missing, please contact Australia Post directly on 13 76 78 (within Australia) +61 3 8847 9045 (from Overseas). Please have your tracking number ready to give to the Australia Post operator)

Our CEO Roseline has created many different sets with different characteristics & ingredients to have differing results on the skin. Each product in each set works with the other to create the result the different sets were initially created for

Skin lightening is like eating healthy foods or going to the gym – you need to be disciplined, follow instructions & to go to the gym daily & consistently for optimal results. At Flawless Empire Organic Skincare we recommend that our clients lighten gradually to protect their skin.

At Flawless Empire Organic Skincare, we understand that some clients want to lighten quickly. We have created our survey to help our clients to get the best results for their skin type & needs. It’s very important to remember, it’s best to lighten gradually so that your skin is even all over. Please use the products as directed & please contact us if you are unsure or have any questions.
Taking short cuts will prolong your journey. Please trust the process. There is no bleach in our products & it takes up to 2 weeks to start seeing results. All skin is unique xx

If you have any other questions please contact us

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