Flawless Whitening Set



A 5 piece, Organic full body skincare set to lighten the shade of your skin tone 5 – 6 shades depending on your individual skin. This set is stronger than Malato Oshaprapra set. This is a powerful lightening set.

Product includes : Shower Gel, Body & Face Black Soap, Body Lotion, Body Glow Oil & a Face only cream.

*Clients who are naturally shade 5 or 6 can use this product to enhance their natural glow

We do not recommend our shade 1 or shade 2 clients start with Flawless Whitening set

* if you are unsure about this product , please contact us to discuss your concerns *

Ingredients – Flawless Whitening Set

Flawless Whitening Set
Shower Gel:Castile soap, Licorice Powder, Arbution Powder, Essential oil
Black Soap : Kojic acid, Vitamin C,Snow white powder, Dancus Carota
Glow oil: Rose petals, Sweet almond oil, Half cast oil, Vitamin C oil, Lavender bud oil
Body Lotion :Kojic acid, Vitamin C, Snow White powder, Dancus carota, Neem oil, essential oils, Butters, Vitamin E, Carrier oils
Face cream: Emulsifying wax, Cetyl alcohol, Kojic acid, Lightening powder, Arbutin powders, Butters , Essential oils , Vitamin E, Macinido




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